Balsam Arts Grand Finale

Balsam Arts wants to thank our family and friends for the many ways they have shown support for the gallery.

More than 50 local and international artists exhibited their work, and more than 400 visitors signed the guest book. We have enjoyed meeting many wonderful people and sharing amazing stories.

Then tornadoes struck, and a virus and recession followed.  Not surprising, visitors to the gallery diminished.

We understand that people are busy caring for matters, and we want you to remain safe and healthy.  So it is with a heavy heart that we will be closing the gallery as of September 15th.

Until then, we are open weekends 12-5, and have an amazing array of art. We also have artifacts and household items that could use new homes. “No reasonable offer refused” on most items.

We hope to see you again and wish you all the best.

Jean and Michael


Building with Red



For more information or to make an appointment, contact:

Michael Jekot: michaeljekot@gmail.com

Jean Egerman:  jeanegerman@gmail.com

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